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against the enemy? and offer them a determined resistance as
if yon are fighting for stakes. Strike the enemy boldly in his
face so as to demonstrate your manliness. Bring glory (to us)
by turning them back (from the field of battle)."

;The Narapati) encouraged his ministers and nobles in
several ways. Then he caused to be brought from thejamadar-
khana (wardrobe) suitable cloths (such as) lace-embroidered
jaladahari-kimujqfina* jackets (kudata), mantles stuffed with
cotton (dagali), double shawls made of (satin) ^ fezare, costly
stuffs of various colours, shawls of saffron, crimson,^ rose, and
white. Bandar prints, sakalati^ sultani, and green woollen
stuffs, Jc€tlasiyadade...safeda durangi broad cloth,§ jamedarisfi
laced trousers and turbans, iukumabanduks^ embroidered
cloths (?), upper vests with flower patterns, and turbans; pearl
and AaKH-crests, necklaces, bangles set with gems, mohana-
malas\\, pendants, and buadalas (ear-rings) set with the nine
kinds of gems, and other valuable jewels ; and the weapons of
thirty-two kinds such as shield, sword, discus, bow and arrows,
najra,** bhia^ivala^ lance, club, goad, etc., which he
distributed among them, and persuaded them in spirited,
dignified, witty and sweet words (to fight). Next he paid the
annual and monthly allowances for their families as becoming
their position, and sent them home. Then the Narapati, the
hero of the heroes, sat in council with the seven councillors,

* Meaning   not   intelligible.   Silk    and    embroidered    vests    aad     jacket! —
£0, Jf.v p. 173.

f Meaning not intelligible.

§ S&fZd means white ; durangi is   two   coloured; but as the meaning of th«
ous words is not clear, it is not po«ible to know what kind of cloth is referred
$ Meaning is not known.
1 A kind of mantle which is fastened at the waist by a button.
| Chains worn rouad the neck ; from »5Aatffs=lov«, 0*S/a=chain— /.0.£f., p. #3.
** A. serpentine weapon.
tfr An arrow or shaft discharged from a tube.